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AI-powered Customer Data Platform that turns retail marketers into data experts and supercharge audience targeting, customer acquisition, retention and ROAS

What if you could reach out to your anonymous in-store customers?

Most retailers don’t have access to game-changing data that pairs their in-store customers’ offline data with their online identities, so they can’t optimize or target their digital marketing campaigns for maximum reach and conversion. But “most” needn’t include you!

“80% of total retail sales take place in physical stores.”
Retail Marketers often battle:
A disconnect between offline and online shopper-identities
Inadequate measurement of marketing campaigns
Ineffective remarketing for in-store customers
Missed marketing opportunities due to a lack of data that can predict purchase-intent
Knowledge is power, but with Pairzon, it’s a Retail Marketing superpower.

Pairzon ‘pairs’ anonymous in-store shoppers with their online identities so you can turn them into repeat customers and seriously boosts ROI.

With Pairzon, retail marketers can:
Bridge the<br> offline-to-online gap
Bridge the
offline-to-online gap
by pairing anonymous offline consumers with their online identities
Hyper-personalize<br> marketing campaigns
marketing campaigns
by leveraging data intelligence for advanced audience segmentation
Improve omnichannel capabilities
Improve omnichannel capabilities
by targeting customers based on both online and offline behaviors
Monetize data<br> & boost revenue
Monetize data
& boost revenue
by collaborating with retail partners to drive value for customers and retailers
See how Pairzon can help you harness data (almost like a crystal ball!)
and optimize your digital campaigns with next-level personalization to boost engagement, brand-loyalty, ROI and revenue.
Partner with Pairzon to grow your revenue by empowering your retail clients to grow theirs.
Our strategic partners include a variety of technology leaders in the retail and marketing information industries. Here are just a few of them: