We give Retail Marketers
the power to see the
future, every day.

An AI-driven marketing platform for retailers, consolidates, monitors, and transforms in-store and online transactional data into finely-tuned digital audiences, yielding exceptionally rapid ROI/ROAS.

What if you could attribute in-store revenue to an active ad campaign?

Omnichannel customers are everywhere – literally! In a world shifting away from 3rd party cookies, most retailers still struggle to recognize customers with hybrid purchasing habits and connect transactional data (online & offline) with digital engagement. It’s time to upgrade your omnichannel marketing strategy with predictive analytics and actionable insights that work for you.

“82% of total retail sales take place in physical stores.”
Retail Marketers often battle:
A disconnect between offline and online shopper-identities
Inadequate measurement of marketing campaigns
Ineffective remarketing for in-store customers
Missed marketing opportunities due to a lack of data that can predict purchase-intent
Knowledge is power, but with Pairzon, it’s a Retail superpower.

Fueled by real-time transactional data, Pairzon ‘pairs’ fragmented online / in-store identities to guarantee that marketers and digital agencies spend wisely and maximize ROI.

With Pairzon, retail marketers can:
Bridge the<br> offline-to-online gap
Bridge the
offline-to-online gap
and gain a single 360° view of omnichannel customers (independent of third-party cookies)
Hyper-personalize<br> marketing campaigns
marketing campaigns
using our proprietary AI-powered segmentation engine
Optimize ROAS and predict hot audiences
Optimize ROAS and predict hot audiences
with pinpoint accuracy using fully customizable models (RFM, LTV, basket analysis, etc.)
Monetize data<br> & boost revenue
Monetize data
& boost revenue
by collaborating with retail partners to drive value for customers and retailers
Harness data and predict outcomes with Pairzon (a retail marketer’s crystal ball!)
A customer data platform designed to help you optimize ad campaigns with omnichannel insights and next-level personalization.
Partner with Pairzon to empower your retail clients and boost revenue (for everyone!).
Our strategic partners include a variety of technology leaders in the retail and marketing information industries. Here are just a few of them: