AI-Driven Success: Bridging the Online-Offline Sales Gap with Lewis

🚀 Dive deep into the fusion of digital marketing and AI with Lewis Rothkopf, the revenue wizard behind Pairzon’s groundbreaking Customer Data Platform! 🧠💡 In this not-to-miss episode of “Jonny Ross Fractional CMO,” we crack the code on how savvy marketers are revolutionising audience targeting and ROAS.

Why is AI not just a buzzword but a crucial tool for predicting your marketing triumphs? Lewis breaks down complex concepts with ease, making AI accessible for all. Plus, we’ll explore:

– The secret sauce to connecting online ads with offline sales success 🛍️📊
– Practical ways to measure the tangible impact of your marketing efforts 💼📈
– Why “lookalike audiences” could be your marketing goldmine 🔍💰
– Lewis’s journey with international tech startups and the unique advantages of bringing foreign innovation to US markets 🌐✨

And for those grappling with the real-world challenges:

– How can your online marketing influence in-store sales? We’ve got the insights!
Is your marketing strategy ready for the AI revolution? Learn to lead, not follow!
– Get ready for a session packed with actionable advice, forward-thinking strategies, and insider knowledge that can propel your marketing into the future.

Tune in, take notes, and transform your approach with wisdom from a true industry trailblazer!